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Editor Profile Fields


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Editor Profile Fields

Allow to use WYSYWIG editor in profile fields, you can make a custom profile field with editor type and allow HTML or BBCode to it.
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I'm having a bit of an issue. For a lot of members HTML code isn't parsing. I'm not sure if it's a usergroup permissions issue or not as I've been pouring over the permissions sets trying to find what would be the culprit.

For my admin account all HTML is parsed perfectly fine when I view it on someone's profile page. For others, they're seeing stuff like this:

<p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="Posted Image" class="bbc_img" src="		" /><img alt="Posted Image" class="bbc_img" src="		" /></p>

And obviously I have both "Enable BBCode" and "Enable HTML" positively checked for this particular profile field.

Any ideas?

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