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4.0 Mentions editor shortcut @MODs user other use...


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Hello, will it integrated for 4.0? How?
More user for my website would have notified mods for forum on which their submit post(request forum id).
Sorry english.
All member that are is_mod && ::current_app['forum'] && request['f'] to bear in mind...
Or for other bit template @MODs[ID_app] exemple @mods[3_forums]
@author[3_topics] only author
@like[55_members] for fan user of a one member with id = 55
@members[04.12_birthdays] (autoload/complete calendar when filling)
@members[3_topics] for to notify only the members poster onto this topic... override permission global notifications?, 'who can use this?' with settings(if before setting is true)
I don't figurate the output list of this shortcut :( but it could be a great use of editor!!

Shortcut module for mentions! With possible to add other strings (for developers is useful to avoid other out resources, time)
String type key php content = mods (text input)(hide for not dev. Mode)
alias = mods
Id validate = date (dropdown)
app = birthday (alias same of the key or you choise) (dropdown that contain list of current module app section installed)
module = not defined
Permission tool for each strings singular

That must to create more and more of works!

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