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Gallery Images in Sidebar


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File Name: Gallery Images in Sidebar

File Submitter: Mikey

File Submitted: 12 Jun 2013

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Gallery 5.0.x

This hook adds Gallery Images to the board index in the form of a sidebar block. With options to show images only from a select category, a select album, featured, friends only, or all images in the block.

here to download this file

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How? Seems the random option just puts the most recent images (8 in my case) in random order. Ex: http://ohioriders.net/
Am I missing something?

Ahh. I see that you wanted random gallery images, this is latest. I'll see if I can add something to randomise the images pulled as well but in general random queries can be resource intensive which is something to consider especially on board index..
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