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File Name: News Poster

File Submitter: -RAW-

File Submitted: 08 Jun 2013

File Category: Promotion

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

With this application you can publish from the ACP news in any forum that you would like. Really usefull for sites that post news with a news bot and don't want to login to the news bot account every time.

here to download this file

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Need Help?

i have a newsposter tab that gets this error

where is this tab suppose to lead

and how do i fix this issue

on other apps on acp, i just installed this app on my test board and shows & work fine

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where do the style css file go? please this seems important

should always read the readme file there it will tell you what or folder to upload, the style.css is just for the readme html file

bellow it will tell you all it needs to be uploaded & how to install

  • Step 1: Upload Files

    Upload all the files located in the /upload folder.
  • Step 2: ACP Setup

    Still inside the Admin CP, visit the System tab -> Applications & Modules -> and click on the Manage Applications & Modules. at the top right you will see News Poster. Click on install and your done.
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ok thanks

so the syles css isnt uploaded anywhere thanks i found nothing to read in read me.. but oh well anyways the tab for news poster still wont work for me not sure if its something i got set wrong or what but still get the same error goes no where

it would be nice if it worked....

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Donald i have no idea what the problem you have or having problem understanding all need do upload all files under upload so that the admin folder plus the skin_cp folder once uploaded you run setup up and works prefect as for read me its could be not opening due to fact opening in Firefox but change this using open with on computer.

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