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IPS eLearning Tool/Service?


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Hello, I propose the development of an area dedicated to the possible courses on how to become a real developer with ip.suite resources!

I thought so to speak:

  1. read me a book such as this for current version ipboard (a manual)
  2. a requirred resources study (php, mysql...) with a ebook or book recommend
  3. a live support for clients pay or contribute to area!
  4. events, videos channel/chat
  5. certificate of attendance, attainment of the course

this is certainly a long-term work but I want to be able to contribute to the project as a student!

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There is the knowledge area that has guides and documentation in it for devlopers of mods/hooks, below is a link to that area incase you didn't know it was there.


yes, I am aware of them, I have widely observed guides, but maybe a bit for the language a bit to the skills, I'm not capable of connect everything.
For this wonder the formation of a course ...

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