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Make It Easy To Plug In To Content Submission


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In a recent blog entry it was mentioned that the "More reply options" button is being removed. I won't ask about what this means for the options that are presented on that page since I'm sure it will be explained later, but I have something else to bring up. Say I wanted to make a dice mod. Whenever someone makes a post I also want them to input a number in a box to be submitted alongside the post. This isn't exactly the most intuitive thing in the world currently and I would love to see the ability to add more form elements to the submission form and have a hook point in the code to process them. I don't care if I can accomplish it in a roundabout way with bbcode. The dice thing was just an example anyway. What if I want to create my own column for gallery images so that a user can flag an image as mature during the upload process? I would like to see this kind of developer friendly options in the Social Suite.

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