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Will there be a Markup rewrite in 4?


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As the title says, will there be in Suite 4?

I was playing and trying to customize the theme and I found some markup that I think needs to be change such as:

  • use of tables
  • use of <br />'s - moving spacing to CSS?
  • use of inline styles
  • use of inline JavaScripts

Besides, I would like to suggest the following:

  • use HTML5 custom data attributes to trigger JavaScript effects such as on lightbox, tabs, dropdowns, etc. -> for example, if I want to create a custom dropdown menu (similar to profile dropdown), I need to write new.ipbMenu() JS? (correct me on this one). I haven't look yet at the tabs and lightbox. There are many jQuery plugins that uses the data attributes, one example is jKit
  • use normalize.css instead of YUI Reset
  • uniformity in selector naming -> others were named as my_selector and some were mySelector
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Well, it's not quite as black and white as that - there's exceptions to each one. For example, tables aren't bad in themselves, but should be used appropriately (3.x already works on this principle). <br> shouldn't be used for spacing... but with software as large as ours, sometimes it makes sense to use one or two rather than add new CSS. And so on :smile:

So perhaps a better way of wording my answer would be to say that all of those items are priorities for us, while noting there's exceptions to the rule.

We are particularly focusing on reducing inline CSS and JS except where essential, reducing or eliminating the need to write JS to do simple things, and better consistency in CSS and JS names/code.

We'll elaborate on our plans for things like these as we get further along the development process :)

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