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Need help with cleaning up an attacked board

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I'm in trouble with a site that has a troyan attack

I have no idea what to do, what not to tod and how to do, or not do it, so i'll have to pay somebody to do it.

Is there anybody around with some spare time, and that wouldn't mind doing it for some $ (hopefully not too much?)

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this all started from a wordpress issue.

signatures. posts, tons of stuff (1200 files in cache/tmp) infected.

cleaned up the files but the database is balking and its 1and1 which is so out of date is a travesty.

importing db backup (taken before I did anything) to get it running.

where 1and1 only allowed 1 database there was a wordpress and ip setup on the database.

just matter of manually going through every table it looks like LOL

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today I remembered why I detest 1and1 servers.

ended up having to move hosts just so I could work the database.

had 2500 or so bad files in cache folder.

this WAS the base64_decode issue too. board had been updated regularly so not sure when it happened. I could not determine when the default.php file was first created.

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