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PHPGraphLib Charts BBCode

William Santos

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File Name: PHPGraphLib Charts BBCode

File Submitter: William Santos

File Submitted: 23 May 2013

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x


PHPGraphLib Charts BBCode integrates PHPGraphLib with IP.Board. You can now create your own charts with BBCode.You can see examples here: http://demo.multygro...s/examples.html


- Your server must allow eval().
- I extremely encourage you to set Enable Content Caching setting to true in IP.Board.

Because of the use of eval(), the code is a little bit heavy. It will search for any attempts to define and/or to run functions and stop these attempts. It will search for anything that looks like a function call. It will verify the syntax of the code sent to eval() before it's sent, so that IP.Board don't crash. However, I am not responsible for the bad use of this bbcode.

here to download this file

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