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Like(s), remove them from a post if it has been edited


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It seems I could "like" a post that originally said

IPB is awesome

and it could have 20+ likes or whatever.

But, what if the author edited the post to:

IPB sucks

I wouldn't want my "like" to remain on that post...

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As an option you could restrict editing with the "edit time restrictions" maybe to help with this.


True, but it doesn't totally solve it if that's not set for all forums. For example, it exists within some of these community forums, some are time restricted , others aren't, same problem could occur.

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I foresee a problem with this, depending on the community setup.

If users are able (and expected) to edit their post, they may be reluctant to do so if they know they will lose reputation as a result. This causes a conflict of interest - does the user update the post of save their precious reputation?

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I am not sure if this is a wise idea . If it makes into IPB 4 we will not use this feature on our board.
Our users are already having issues with too many notifications , sending additional notifications to revisit a post they already liked in past will not be wise. Because we want out users supply content instead of going back and investigate what happened in couple days ago.

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