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Compound Profile Fields

Lewis P

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Not sure how to word this properly, so I'll just give an example.

On our forums, we have a Nationality and a Location field. The nationality is a drop-down menu which displays a flag, the location is a text input.

I'd like to have these appearing together in profile view and in topic view, but at this point, without serious template modification and logic, it's not possible.

What I'd like is to be able to make a custom field a "sub" field of another, where they will appear together in one, single row with a single "topic view layout" input box.

Not sure if that makes sense...

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If I'm honest, I've never tried. But since they are placed within list elements, you'd either change all of them or none of them. Not exactly ideal?

I've got it working how I want it to anyway by doing weird loops in the template, but I'm going to have to replicate it on every upgrade. Not a massive issue, just a thought.

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