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Google Charts BBCode

William Santos

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Google Charts BBCode

This modification turns Google Charts into BBCode. You can now create your own charts with BBCode.
You can see examples here: http://demo.multygroup.org/GoogleCharts/examples.html
You can see examples on http://demo.multygroup.org/GoogleCharts/examples.html.
You can see a live demo on http://demo.multygroup.org/index.php?/topic/2-dfhfdh/#entry18.


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There was almost exactly the same in my old SMF-Forum, but they was creating a page what the members can use for to generate the Charts. Please see screenshot


Here is the link to the SMF-Modification:


Can you create something similar, pls?

That would be helpfull for to use this!

Thank you!


I plan to do so, but only when IP.Board 4.0 comes out

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