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Easy PHP External Site Integration

William Santos

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File Name: Easy PHP External Site Integration

File Submitter: William Santos

File Submitted: 12 May 2013

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x


This modification is a PHP for you to include in your website's script or another pages that you want to include it. It gives you the member variables. This modification includes the hook Redirect back after Login and Logout for free.

This comes with 2 examples files:

example-index.php: Example of an index page, with login option if you're not logged in, or with logout option if you're logged in.
example-login.php: Example of an external login page.


You can see it working on http://demo.multygroup.org/example-index.php. To test this you must have an account in http://demo.multygroup.org.


Your website and IP.Board installation must be on the same server.

here to download this file

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Hi there, great plugin makes it very easy to use..

i am having trouble using this when a mod rewrite is used for example i tried to include this in a wordpress theme, and it just returns the forums with a sorry we could not find that.

I then tried it outside wordpress with the same .htaccess and same error, as soon as i remove the htaccess it starts working?

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I am currently using a large iframe on a ip.content page to "embed" a video site.

if I am reading this right this does away with the iframe?

would LOVE to see if anyone has integrated clipbucket (free) like this with logins.


Are you the owner of the video site? If yes, is it on the same cpanel account (if using cPanel)?

What do you mean by doing away with the iframe?

Edit: From what I've seen from clipkbucket, yes, it's perfectly possible. BUT clipbucket needs to be on the same hosting account of your website OR to have permissions to access IPB files internally.


William Santos.

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same server, no cpanel though.

granting permissions should not be an issue, I can just add account owner.

I will have to look at this one.

Alright, let me know if you need help.


I forgot to mention here, version 1.1 was released.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • IP.Board redirects prevented
  • Added member's profile picture to example index page
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hey there, been using this a while now and whilst it works greats it kinda hindered my SEO tremendously.

my website URL structures are as follows:

www.domain.com - wp site which this integrates

www.domain.com/forums/ - forums

In order to get this working properly it requires (or has set my htaccess) up in such a way that *.domain.com (* = anything) shows the content of www.domain.com/forums/

So in search results i am getting two results and a de-indexed of the www.domain.com because google things domain.com/ is the community and thus more relevant.

Is there anyway to fix this so that *.domain.com redirects to www.domain.com

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Hello, my site's wordpress internal pages have stopped loading because of the API call in this script (according to IPB staff)

Hello Matthew,

It seems that your IPB integration script is mis-configured. I'm afraid there is nothing we will be able to do - you will need to contact script developer for assistance.

This is the correct answer. Something in your wordpress installation is clearly incorrectly using the IPB API's.
Unfortunately, as a result this issue is beyond the scope of our usual technical support.

If you see my site:

and then navigate to any internal page what happens is it shows a 404 error but in the forums skin?


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Hello Sir,

We are not able to integrate your script with our webpage, please provide us more details steps of installation.


This is not a how-to integration.

It is meant for PHP Coders.

If you're not a coder, please ask sales for a refund.

If you are a coder, please tell me why you weren't able to integrate it.


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Does this still work?

I want to see the demo / proof of concept. Clicking on the demo link sends me to a page that said:

This Account Has Been Suspended


Yes it does :)

The demo was taken offline as it was running a very outdated version of IP.Board, and it was though insecure.

It has already been updated, you can check it now.

Best Regards,

William Santos

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