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Bring Bulk Mailer to the Front End


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Suggestion: Bring bulk mailer to the front end so select groups (marketers, moderators, etc.) can send emails.


- Build and save custom email lists

- Build and save custom email lists based on parameters (e.g., add user to list if they purchased X item Y days ago, or have made Z posts within AB days)

- Send newsletters to select groups with the ability to restrict certain members from the group manually as well as by parameters (e.g., do not send to members who have logged in the past 30 days)

- List authors shall not see other people's email lists. Only admins shall do this.


- Need for some type of unobstrusive security that deters abuse such as a permanently fixed 'newsletter' access password or one that is autogenerated every month (which includes and sent to the user's email inbox or one that is simply generated by the admin and changed on a need basis.

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I would like the ability, as the owner, to be the one to make the decision on whom I want to let have the ability to mass mail. If I want to let a specific group have the ability to do that yet don't want to let them into acp I am presently unable.

also the ability to mass mail specific (chosen) users (like you do in a PM) and not just a group would be nice.

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Personally, I'm not a fan of giving users on a site the power to bulk mail the rest of the users on that site. That's an administrator-level task IMO.

I'm not a fan of giving it to *just* any user or having it abused, either. However, this is a good feature if you have a marketing person that handles all the emails, but you don't want him accessing the ACP to see all the past newsletters you specifically sent or what you have planned.

As a safe guard, an optional admin-override feature could be included such as "Require administrator approval of newsletters before processing: Yes | No."


As an aside, IF this feature were to be approved, could it be integrated with Mandrill such that each individual user could not see past newsletters sent by admins or other users / marketers.

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