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IPS4: Better Template Editing


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Template editing improvements: tabs, ctrl-s, auto tabbing
The template editor in the admin CP is now easier to code directly within with a few changes:
  • Pressing tab will now insert an actual tab.
  • You can save the template using ctrl+s (or cmd+s).
  • When you press enter on a line that starts with whitespace, the next line will automatically start with that amount of whitespace. (Basically, this keeps your tab depth.)
  • If you highlight multiple lines, you can use tab or shift-tab to indent or outdent all of the selected lines automatically.


Something like that would be awesomely awesome :)

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Something I find annoying is the fact is if I'm doing a quick change in a template and I do just "CTRL" it automatically thinks I've made an change to the template which I haven't . Would be great to see that not happen in IPB4 :X

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I've already discussed with Mark about the time it takes to save files using WebDAV making it unusable. It's quicker to save templates in the ACP.

Then a THIRD (and final...there are no others I'm aware of) option would be to enable IN_DEV, export the master template directories, create a new skin directory under skin_cache, edit masterMap.php to use that for IN_DEV, and edit the files directly out of that folder. It's a lot more tedious, but it is a true disk-based template file system. It's how we develop the software, and how addon authors would add new skin files for applications typically.

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