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IPS 4, ban filter enhancements


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Something that has bugged me for as long as I can remember is the lack of friendliness when using the ban filters. I've made topics in the past but they have yet to be put to good use. For IPS 4, I'm hoping that this change can take place.

1. Add support for regular expressions. Default would be the way it is now, so the admin would have to purposely choose regular expression, to keep it simple for those who don't know how to use it.

2. Allow multiple filters to be entered at once for the same reason. What I'm visualizing is the reason being the first item to fill in, then underneath, the filter type (IP, email, name), space to fill in the filter itself along with a tick box (for regex). Under that, a big '+' sign that when clicked, will produce another line to fill in another IP/email/name. When done, the admin could have successfully banned multiple IP's, emails and/or names with much fewer clicks and if they know Regex, then with fewer lines to be parsed.

3. When viewing a tab of entries (say email vs IP or names), then when clicking to add a new ban filter, have that tab be the default type of filter. If I'm viewing email address bans and click to add a new filter, have the default be an email filter. (In combination with #2 would make a lot of sense.)

4. Along with being able to delete multiple entries at the same time, would be nice to have the option to update the reason for the chosen filters in one move. Likewise, be able to edit a ban filter individually.

Another possibility would be to alter how the filters are sorted out anyway.

Instead of treating each as an individual filter, have them grouped, much the same way a topic it. You can access each filter individually still, but you could also view by ban reason. Click on a ban reason, see all the filters made with it. Go to edit a filter, it loads up all the filters associated with the reason. In a way, still be treated as it is now, but with more intuitiveness behind it. Could even allow a comment section so that if the 'reason' is just a summary, more details could be added in to explain why the filter was added.

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YES! Recently I had the issue with #3 on your list. It was like 5 in the morning and I had a troll on the site, was looking at "usernames" as I wanted to put usernames that weren't able to be registered. Yes I admit I didn't look at the drop down and what it said (But I figured it would have added it as a username) Instead it added it as an IP. = /

Great write up though again Wolfie. :)

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