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MailCheck js

Luis Manson

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File Name: MailCheck js

File Submitter: Luis Manson

File Submitted: 28 Apr 2013

File Category: Utilities

This hook is a quick adaptation of the "Mail Check" code of KickSend.

The source of the Javascript is available at: https://github.com/Kicksend/mailcheck

Basically this code checks the user's mail and tries to find a typo... the final idea is to have the mail bounce rate reduced
Reference: http://blog.kicksend.com/how-we-decreased-sign-up-confirmation-email-bounces-by-50/

When your user types in "user@hotmial.con", Mailcheck will suggest "user@hotmail.com".

NOTE: this was made on >3.4.1, but it might work on previous versions

here to download this file

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