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"Off" for users that no want responsive


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Generally, I hate mobile versions of sites. The whole point of the iPhone (which was the first smartphone to do it properly) being able to use, to use Steve Jobs' phrase, "the whole of the web" was that it would be served exactly that. Suddenly sites started forcing you into "mobile" versions, which were actually just completely stripped down versions, with a completely different design in many cases, and lacking many features in almost all cases.

The internet is full of examples of how not to target mobile devices, I'm surprised the suggestion (amongst web developers in general) to turn off this behaviour hasn't come sooner - in fact, I'm surprised it's not a setting on mobile devices.

That said, there is a right way to target mobile devices, where the design matches, where features aren't unnecessarily removed, where the thought is towards enhancing users experience on mobile devices rather than stripping it down and where users would never have the thought to want to disable such enhancements.

The right way is how we're doing 4.0.

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I think it's premature to start asking for features to have an on/off toggle. I think you'll be happy with the responsive design we have and how it works. You don't lose any functionality and it still looks and feels like the same skin.

I can't fathom why someone would want an option to reduce usability, reduce readability and slow down workflow.

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