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IPB and its twitter, give it some love!


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Some tweeting, and appearance of the IPB profile on twitter could do with some love. Here are just a few things I've spotted and might be worth considering at some stage in the future:

  • Give an update to the profile design, looks almost tired with that profile picture, not to mention using the default twitter background is quite slack, this could be so much better!
  • Regular (if not - automated ) official releases. Example: "Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Board 3.4.4. #ipb #latest (Link)"

  • Get some pre-trending going on with #ipb4, i.e tweet your 4.0 blog entries and build it up.
  • Marketplace files that are featured, give them a tweeting.

tweetsome.jpg' alt='' class='ipsImage' w" alt="tweetsome.jpg">

Just some quick observations.


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I wanted to make this thread a long time ago haha. hardly anything goes on in the IPS twitter besides the blog feed, and the layout needs a huge update.

What happened to the Facebook? Did it get deleted?

Some guy in the Facebook page was complaining about how IPS didn't have the right to ban him for something he was doing (I think he was just constantly saying that xenforo was better?) and the next time I looked at the page to see if he was still ranting the page was gone.

We can only speculate but that's how I will be speculating.
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We never updated our Facebook page - we didn't feel it added much value or drove much traffic or sales here, so there wasn't much point in leaving an unmaintained page online.

We use Twitter still to a limited extent.

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