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(NB34) Enhanced Gallery Notifications

newbie LAC

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File Name: (NB34) Enhanced Gallery Notifications

File Submitter: newbie LAC

File Submitted: 27 Apr 2013

File Category: Integration

Notifies members when someone 'likes' their images or comments.

Video http://www.screencast.com/t/n04osdzNvl0

Supported IPS Software Version (Tested):
- IP.Board 3.3.4 & IP.Gallery 5.0.2;
- IP.Board 3.4.4 & IP.Gallery 5.0.4/5.0.5

here to download this file

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Thanks ! I'm glad you made that mod I suggested !

And well, after a bit of thinking, I realized my last question on the request topic was just idiot, never mind.

I'll buy when upgraded to 3.4.4 :)

I hope it'll be soon...

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This hook is not supported on your system

(NB34) Enhanced Gallery Notifications PHP Version Your version 5.3.25 Additional Application: Gallery Your version OK 5.0.5 Minimum version OK 5.0.2 Maximum version ERROR Your version of the application is too new to support this hook. Maximum: 5.0.4

I love this hook, planning on doing another update?

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Can you add in that members would also get new notifications via email or inline notification when their uploaded images are commented?

Is this method don't work?
1. Follow image
2. My control panel → Settings → Notification Options
Other Notifications
Notify me of new comments
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