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Please Help me with IPB excessive consumption of server resources!

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I have a problem with my IPBoard, today I recieved atacks on my server in the following directory:
This causes excessive consumption of server resources, so my server is now offline until I solve the problem in this directory.
What can I do about it?

Pleasee, help me :cry:

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That should solve some problems, yes.

On our board, we have switched access to the Member list completely off for guests and bots, and emailing for new members, very restricted PMing for new members, etc. All to combat spammers amongst others, and not in the least to protect the privacy of our members.

Also, use SFS (Stop Forum Spam; free and can be downloaded from the Marketplace) for your board besides the standard IPB spam protection. It really works. It does create a few false positives, but considering our own case, where it stopped > 300,000 spambot registration attempts over the past 2 years, it is more than worth it. And if SFS doesn't catch it straight away, there alway still is the IPB spam protection, with the membership and moderators as our 3rd line of defense :D.

HTH, kindest regards, Wim

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