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Fastest support ever?

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So I see those topics around about getting no support and stuff for ages after sending in tickets and so I thought I'd post proof that IPS Staff are McSpeedy.


3 minutes? Surely Rhett just broke some support time world records. In that time he, read the issue, acknowledged the issue, investigated the issue and reported back the problem.

This ticket was in critical and the problem was somewhat easy to find, but it does show they are very active about going through tickets and don't ignore them as some people have said.

So if you get slow support, it's not because they don't care, it will be due to other reasons... like weekends, many people in front of you, they need time to investigate... or maybe you shouldn't keep replying saying "Come on answer already"... because that just pushes your ticket further and further behind.

Thanks again IPS.

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