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Translations: Please make it possible to download separately Translations for every app

Mario Thomas

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In this case I only need the translation of IP.Nexus (Spanish) but AFAIS it is only possible to download the entire language package in one single file.

Could you please make it possible to download separately translations for every app from your website?


Believe it or not, this is actually core feedback when it comes down to it.

They don't offer the single applications for a reason, you import a singular application's lang xml instead of the full language file, and it affects English instead of what it should do.

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I could be completely wrong here, it could have been fixed, and I would hope so. Last time I even bothered attempting it, it ended up with me submitting a ticket(761717) due to English being completely replaced with Arabic, and being told that importing app-specific language files would be treated as 'master' and overwrite English instead of x lang, that that is what it is supposed to do, whereas language.xml files properly add/update the desired new language, and is how languages should be packaged for proper use.

Basically, unless I am incorrect/this changed, IPB thinks those are the master language xml files distributed for the given app, and as such updates English.

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Just checked it one of my IPS websites envivoo and it's true I didn't notice it :) to my luck there are oriented to Spanish communities.

Well that's an issue because there are always moduls and other apps that you translate separately.

Please make sure this will be fix in that "wonder app" you are working right now: IPS 4.0


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suggestion feature to export: make your language.xml package that contain elements(apps such as core, members, forums, content...) add to package



i attached lang_en.php that analyse the php value necessary to correct import pack... I tested locale and website.

upload this into main directory (where located initdata.php)


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