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Maturity amounst MOD Developers & thier customer service


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One of the challenges IPB has is when it enables MOD developers across the globe to be part of its ecosystem, enabling both free and paid mods, it may not be able to get in the professionalism required for all the mods out there in terms of customer service and interaction.

A lot of us as customers and Mod developers started early some barely in their teens, however the really successful MOD developers are the ones who take the onus on themselves to be professional in their replies as well as truly try and achieve customer satisfaction.Then there are others who simply don't care, or they do but just show arrogance in replies. This is where doubts are seeded into customers mind of the consistency of service and customer support.

I did like to take this opportunity to thank the mod developers I have interacted with for being extremly professional as well as providing great customer service.

Tom Christian DawPi roc13x Lavo InvisionHQ Adriano Faria Wolfie Marcher Technologies JGrucza Mike John

In no particular order , thanks guys for being professional , courteous and providing excellent customer service without venting out on some of our may be stupid / irritating questions !

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