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PHP Upgraded

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I just started using marchers wordpress bridge on my site and, xml-rpc was required to utilise this fully, on asking my hosting they said my php version would need upgrading to do this.

After its been upgraded my site feels slow to respond and slugglish.

I use xcache also and had modiifed php.ini and my.cnf files..

Would these need to be changed also or would they have altered?

Just trying to get to the bottom of the slower than normal response from the site..


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Just got this response from a server tech.

So I spoke with a coworker and was confirmed that no changes are made to
the my.cnf file and as for the php.ini file that would depend on the
version change. Basically if you notice any issue that we can further
investigate the issue. As for the xcache if that needs to be upgraded or
not, I was told that if it is working then the old saying of " If it
works dont fix it " would then apply to this application. If you have any

questions please let me know.

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Depend on what version you came from and what you are on now, you will likely need to update xcache as well.

Check your apache error log, if there are issues there it would be noted on startup/restart of apache

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