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Suggestions for VPS

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Hi, I really need some help. My IPB installation has outgrown the shared hosting environment, to the point where even as webmaster I cringe when I use the forum because it's so slow and sluggish. Therefore, I'm thinking about moving up to VPS.

1) Do you think these specifications are appropriate?

My website gets about 1000 unique visitors a month, 150K visits, 20 M hits, and 500 GB bandwidth. (My website also includes a couple of popular galleries powered by Coppermine Photo Galleries, which is why the bandwidth usage is high). My website has only been online for six months, so I project further growth.

I'm thinking of 1-2GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM.

2) Can you provide good links or guides on how to setup a webserver?

I'm totally new to server administration and VPS, and I'm slightly overwhelmed. My end goal is to set up a LAMP (or similar, such as Nginx instead of Apache) server with FTP and MySQL. Maybe MyCP if you all think it's worth it.

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You might consider a managed solution since you're totally new to server administration. They will be more expensive, but you have someone you can call when something's not working and you need it to work.

The great thing about VPS's.... Get the package you think you'll need and if it's not enough you can usually seamlessly upgrade your hardware allotment w/o seeing any downtime.

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Yes, I'm looking at managed VPS with CPanel but gosh the plans are so much more expensive. And then when I do find a good deal, it's on a shady website that may or may not be around in a couple of years.

Do you have any recommendations on webhosts?

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It really depends on where you're located.

You might also consider going to Web Hosting Talk and seeing what kind of recommendations they have over there in terms of quality managed hosting. Or The Admin Zone. Talking hosting here is a fine line as IPS is also a hosting company.

I could give you the name of my host, but it's unmanaged and wouldn't really do you a whole lot of good. Also, it appears based on your requirements that you'll likely need a fair amount of HDD space, something that the host I use does not really offer as all of their drives are SSD's. Better performance, less storage.

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This is minimum you would need http://webhostingvirtualdedicatedservers.com/

VPS $29.95 USD

VPS Lite

UNLIMITED Virtual Hosts
25GB Disk Space
700GB Bandwidth
Dedicated IP
UNLIMITED Email Accounts
Latest CPanel/WHM Control Panel
99.9% Uptime
Ultra-fast hardware and Data Center
Fully Redundant Network
Fully Burstable Bandwidth
Monthly Backups
24x7 Level 3 Technical Support
PHP 5.3 MySQL 5.1
SSL Secure Website Access

also other good ones are



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Though the OP of this thread is looking for UK VPS (primarily), it should still assist you with some suggestions:

And there's WHT as aiwa mentioned too.

cpanel license for vps costs $15/month (usd). Even at large bulk, it costs ~$8/mo per user. So, any plans that involve cpanel has to take a big jump in pricing compared to ones without. And another big jump for management. But do note that when you install cpanel on vps/dedi, you also get WHM (server management tool) along with cpanel (client management tool). That's really the reason to the price jump with cpanel (... and the target market and blah blah blah).

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We have been using PowerVPS for many years now. Very responsive, friendly, helpful.

Pricing is not the best in the world, but they are reliable, and I found it is indeed hard to find something reliable at a better price.

You will need to get versed in some of the technical stuff, however. You'll need to upload and maintain your board yourself, although Invision will likely install it for you without a problem.

HTH, kind regards, Wim


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