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[Source] Player Panel SOURCEBANS / IP.Board


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$ban['admin'] = $row['admin_nick'];

There is no section for admin_nick in the sb database. or any of the others i have added here.

$ban['typ'] = $row['ban_type'];

$ban['server'] = $row['server_name'];

$ban['kicks'] = $row['ban_kicks'];

$ban['steamcommunity'] = self::zamianaid($ban['player_id']);

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@teez there is a problem. I have this thing installed. I see that you have 1.3 out as an update, however when i download the so called "1.3 version" and install it. It says it is 1.2? Also mind pm-ing me your steamid. I have a bunch of suggestions i would like to add to this and want to discuss with you about them.

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Yeah some of these are things I reported like "My Bans" associates with your IP address but if you issue a ban against the target, the IP you use for the target is what it's using for the admin association, which is totally wrong. I just removed the My Bans link and I am doing without it. It really needs to make the admin associations by aid and member_id but I guess we'll wait and see.

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