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Importing settings option


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Did a little rant in the Client Lounge and here is a feature request related to it.

Simply put, an option that would be honored when importing settings (app upgrade or something else) if the settings group already exists. The setting would be to restrict if the settings group can be renamed or moved to a different settings tab. Point of this is if an admin decides to re-arrange where the settings groups are, then when doing an upgrade, that settings group won't suddenly fly back to another tab. Also allows the admin to rename the settings group (to their own language for example) without it getting changed back on them.

Of course, if a change is attempted (and thus failed), it should be noted somewhere so that if the change is necessary for some reason, the admin can go back and make that change manually. For example, on the screen that reports the results of importing a hook can simply have a little note about it.

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