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Enhancement to chat logs


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Looking at the SQL table for the chat logs, I see something partially in place to make something possible, but it would need to enhanced to fully do this.

When viewing the chat logs, have a persons name clickable. When you click on their name, be taken to their profile (within the ACP, providing you have access to view/edit member accounts, otherwise view their public profile on the front end). When hovering over the name, have it do a hover card with information, such as their information then vs now. (Name then, user group then, name now and user group now.) In the pop up, be able to filter the chat logs to show only messages they sent out (join/leave and actual text). Very useful if you happen to be reading the logs, see someone saying something that you don't appreciate and want to make sure you are going to the right person vs confusion based on name changes. Also, if you decide to take any action on them, you can end up right at their account, without need to hunt them down. :)

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