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IPB on Windows Server with MySQL 5.5 - Advice needed

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Hey all,

We're fast approaching converting a large Community Server MSSQL based site over to IPB 3.4.3 and MySQL. I know a handful of you are running on Windows Servers, with IIS and MySQL on the same box and that it runs happily with large IPB installations. Therefore I'd like to understand and soak up experience for potential issues we may face running a large community this way before we flick the switch as it where.....

The site we are converting has the following stats:

  • 2 million posts
  • 80k users
  • 2-3000 online max
  • 1-2 million pageviews per month

Our server specs

  • Dual quad core Xeon 5410's
  • 16GB RAM
  • Two HD's on separate SATA channels (OS and DB's respectively)
  • IIS7
  • PHP VC9
  • MySQL 5.5

My concerns are centered round our near-default MySQL config and little experience with performance tuning this type of DB system. At present our my.ini file has been edited to 'up' the memory limit so we can handle the CS -> IPB conversion scripting but little else has been touched. I've read a number of threads here concerning MySQL and all appear to deal with running MySQL on Linux variants - so any specific advice for hosting on Windows environments would be welcome but I'm open to the wider knowledge of MySQL experts too!

Questions are:

  • Which DB type: MyISAM or InnoDB for a large community? I believe we are set to InnoDB at present
  • my.ini setup consideration? Anything Windows specific?
  • ibdata file location & config best practice? Currently have this set to our DB drive away from the OS.

Really would like to get all this right first time to avoid any grand unveiling day nightmares when we fire it all up!


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I'm on windows server since Windows Server product came out over ten years ago. Most things are fixed for it and try adding Parallels Plesk Control Panel software to it. ;)

Again as a quick note of how I built my server:
Windows 2008 Server R2 as a virtual machine using Parallels Plesk Control Panel through Hyper V on Windows 2012 Server as the primary operating system.

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