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I wish you guys truly understood how important an app is to our users. Not having something reliable to count on just makes us look bad for choosing IP in our members eyes. IP is miles better in just about every regard but you have truly let us down when it comes to apps. Now ForumRunner.net has gone to heck and the app hasn't worked for current versions of IP for months. Tapa are the only other option but I'd rather give a convicted criminal my money after their treatment last year. So we have nothing while all the competing forums have apps. Our members have made it CLEAR they want the app or they just won't visit the forum or pay for their memberships :(

IP is such an amazing product I just wish you guys could nail a good white label app (with options to change splash screen and colors in app to match our forum). Actually a good white label iPhone and iPad app since it sucks just blowing up an iphone version on the ipad when there is so much more real estate to take advantage of.

Anyways, this post isn't an attach on you guys. Just more of a begging and pleading. Hoping we don't have to wait to 4.0 before any mobile announcements :(

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