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Optimization of a private Mysql server VPS

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Hi evry one,

i think this topic will interest many membres here :D

well, i have two VPS, the first is 1GB of memory to host IP. board files,

the second is a 512MB with only mysql server installed to host the database,

Did you think that wa can optimize the second one, mysql server VPS ? i heard that InnoDB is good for example !


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thank you guys,

i use APC and Memcache in the same time, did you think that will cause a conflict ? it seems that my board work correctly !

You don't need memcache ... just run APC.

Memcache should only be used in a multi server environment

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stupid question, but why not have them on one? as vps seem small as it is?

Could be that the db node is on db specific hardware like SSD instead of HDD, or something like amazon db cloud. Otherwise, it's sort of a waste of money and unnecessary increase in latency.

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