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Mass moderation options in Moderator CP


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I suppose this is something that'd only be useful on really large forums or forums that recently upgraded to IPB from another platform.

Having used the Askimet plugin on MyBB for a looong time before moving to IPB, the conversion took all of the posts the old Askimet plugin marked as spam and "Deleted" and put them back into place, but as "Unapproved" posts.

Which leads to the Mod CP having a huge list of unapproved posts, and the ability to deal with one at a time.

When you're dealing with over a thousand, this is really obnoxious.

Can we please have the ability to select as many posts as you want, and have a dropdown menu at the bottom of the page with options that can be applied to all of them? Similar to what you have in the rest of the forum?

My problem ended up being fixed by Tier 2 support with a database query... very unsupported and not recommended by Invision, so I won't post it (though if you know enough about MySQL you can probably figure it out).

Also, MyBB supported a IRC-style command: /me

The restult of typing "/me does something" in a post would result in

*Danrulz98 does something

being displayed in the post.

This is quite nice for a role-playing forum, I can't find a way to get it into IPB.

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