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I think a new option needs to be made available during installs (and prompted once during an upgrade to the first version supporting it). That option being saved in conf_global.php, as I don't think it's necessary to change it often enough to be within the ACP. Basically, the option would be for the preferred character collation to use when creating tables (and columns) in the database. Considering the default that is commonly used is later found to be far from the preferred one, a recommended one could be the default, but allow the admin the choice to use something different.

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You can set that in your MySQL configuration ;)

That said... this may not be necessary in 4.0... stay tuned.

That can pose a nasty problem when sites change servers (and server configs)... old tables/columns have one collation, new ones potentially have another. I had to deal with that half a dozen times for an app, thanks to a text comparison against a core table. I ended up writing a script to do the conversion automagically.

Regardless: Staying tuned. :smile:

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