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Very large number of 'guests' browsing the forum

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We have noticed we often have a very large number of guess users on the board.

For the last week we have been having issues with hitting the limits of our shared hosting now that our hosts have moved us onto a new server which can monitor and throttle our resource usage.

Obviously we need to move to a more suitable package, and are looking to migrated onto a VPS package shortly but why when there are say 250 users online, do we sometimes have 2000 guest users on the board?
- Clearly some will be members, or the general public, who are viewing the board without signing in. But the rest?

They often appear of an evening, which is clearly also our busiest time when it hits hardest. Are they just web bots? Almost might as well be DOS at times. Is there anyway to manage it, if only until we move onto our VPS server at the start of next week.



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Check the IP addresses by expanding the list. I had about 300 connections from one UK IP a few days ago. I subsequently blocked it in cPanel. Google is also a problem with their bot appearing multiple times in my user list but I guess I'll have to live with this.

BTW I block all Chinese IP addresses again through cPanel.

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Do you tend to get a rush of bots just after you have moved server, busily trying to see what's changed? We often have a fair few guests, which obviously some of which will be member/users who are not logged in, but just trying to think why there as been an influx of late.

Short of trawling though the 'show by last click' list is there anyway of getting a neat table of ip's that have been visiting? Another thought is that as the hosts are throttling us causing the site to become briefly inaccessible fairly often at peak times, could that then be cause the same user to be recorded multiple times?

We're running iP.Board 3.1.4 if that is relevant.


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Another way to block specific countries is if you have Config Server Security and Firewall installed (CSF) with CC_DENY (in WHM - Config Server Security and Firewall > Firewall Configuration) - Make sure the country code is correct or your server will crash on restart

Or in SSH

vi /etc/csf/csf.conf



Replace with


CN=China and then add comma for other countries


As an example

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