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Download: Ajax Live Search


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File Name: Ajax Live Search

File Submitter: MrJQuery

File Submitted: 05 Mar 2013

File Category: Hooks and Plugins

ATTENTION: From today on, this hook is free of charge! Because of my job I have no more time to update or support it.

The Ajax Live Search (ALS) is an Ajax/jQuery based instant search system that displays search results live while typing. The search is searching for topic titles. It's placed on your forums home and was tested from 3.3.x to 3.4.x.

* Please take a look at the screenshots to see the hook in action.

* Get search results while typing
* Pagination
* Custom number of results per page
* Customize language
* Hide IPB Search on forum home
* Choose forums to search in
* Choose member groups permission

1. Upload the contents of the "uploads" folder to your root directory
2. Install the hook (als.xml) via Admin CP
3. Go to "System Settings" -> "AL Search" Settings and configure it
4. Done!

1. Remove the old version (REMOVE -> NOT DISABLE) in the ACP
2. Remove als_search.php and /ajaxlivesearch/ folder from your /public/ folder
3. Install the new version in the ACP
4. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder and overwrite old file(s)

* CSS Location: /public/ajaxlivesearch/als_style.css

1. Remove the hook in the Admin CP
2. Delete als_search.php and /ajaxlivesearch/ from the /public/ folder
3. Done!

For support please use the support topic or write me a PM.
I will help you as fast as possible.

Click here to download this file

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Thank you very much.

By now the search will be displayed on top of your forum categories.

I will add more display options soon so that you can display it on specific pages - but I don't promise that the hook will have sidebar support :unsure:


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Does it work with 3.3.3 ? Someone tested ?


Edit: I took the risk and bought it. It's not working correctly.

Jquery is already included on my board and No matter if I click "include jquery" or not, it doesn't change anything.

The bug: no results are displayed, no matter what you type.

9c8cfe86987707c3cf39a6f8ebfa6cb7.png' al" alt="9c8cfe86987707c3cf39a6f8ebfa6cb7.png">

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Hi Edgar,

nice to hear that you like the hook :)

I never used Prototype and IPB 4.0 will finally use jQuery, so I don't see a reason why using Prototype.

Furthermore I am very new to developing IPB hooks, so the implantation will (hopefully) get better in the future ;)

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I really don't know what you are talking about. Maybe you can describe more specific why it is unsafe and how someone could abuse it.

Ok. You defined the searchable topics in the hidden value (Which can be edited by everyone via inspect elements).
People can change which forums they want to see via the live search. Even hidden forums (Think about a forum only for administrators, moderators etc.)
So they can get the topics in the hidden forums. Not a big problem, but what if you include secret information in the topic title?

Hidden input > GET Parameter > Your PHP file > Query.. without any checks.

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You have to submit POST variables to the php file.
There are no GET variables. Did you successfully test what you are Talking about?

And dont get me wrong. I am interessted.

Not tested, but i am almost sure. I don't see checks for the forum permissions

I am talking about these forum permissions:


So if they change the hidden value "WHERE forum_id IN ( $forum_ids )" will also be changed.

Hopefully you understand me now :P

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