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Reputation system, heavy feature ?

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I complained about the slowness on my server with my hosting provider and they told me this:

"I have checked the server and could see that your MySQL is pretty busy all the time by writing/removing data in ibf_reputation_cache."

Just for curiosity, I disabled the reputation system and the forum became fast again.

Reputation system is that heavy or this is just a coincidence or someone is abusing the system ?

Thank you

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I have to admit that a couple of months back we had to turn off reputation on our forum. It was leading to table locks that brought the forum down to a crawl. As soon as we turned it off, it became much better.

Is reputation something that might particularly benefit from being moved form MyISAM to InnoDB?

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Well, the simplest way to see if you're having issues with table locking is

  1. Wait for site to be slow.
  2. Go look at the current list of queries being executed. (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/show-processlist.html )
  3. Have a lot of queries with status: Waiting for table lock (may not be that exact wording). "Lot" is the keyword.

Then you have a table locking problem.

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i have a pretty busy board useing the rep system and never had no problems i can suggest a few things one make your your setting is InnoDB. Also sounds more to me like a mysql setting

i run a 16G dedi server at OVH where you get no support at all but you get full control with root access. anyways i was just having a slow loading problem with pms invites likes messed with this for days had 3 people looking at it and guess what it was IPtables from a firewall we installed telling you all now its not the likes system it is something else messing with the likes

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