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Request - URL Consistency in all Apps + no Slug


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I'm experiencing difficulty in migrating my site's content databases over to IPC for one reason and it reminds me to highlight a suggestion and request, at least to confirm for version 4.0: No slug required to run IPC databases or that a single definable keyword will be assumed to be the IPC database so that it works like any other module/app and on one level.

So how does IPS know that a "topic" means forum content? Because that's the defined keyword and you can have a URL that is simple:

domainname / topic / postsubject+number

With IPC, you end up with unworkable two tiered URLs that will typically never be able to be migrated from any CMS without 301 redirects:

domainname / slug / IPC database / postsubject+number

For most of my applications, having either one or definable database identifiers in a config file is the solution. Virtually all of my Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal blogs consist of the following pattern:

domainname / blogname / postsubject+number

That is the URL that we should have an option to use that would make our URLs cleaner and migration far easier. I wish we could accomplish this with 3.4.x although I don't see how that's possible without some coding that would use a single IPC database as the sole IPC identifier and remove one of the instances: e.g.

domainname / identifier / identifier / postsubject to become just

domainname / identifier / postsubject

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