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Topic Under Special Surveillance

Adriano Faria

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File Name: Topic Under Special Surveillance

File Submitter: Adriano Faria

File Submitted: 22 Feb 2013

File Category: Moderation Tools

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This hook will give to users from specific user groups the ability to put topics under special surveillance, by adding a badge (risk of closure) and message in specific places to users get advised that won't be tolerated flaming/discussions on those topics.
Administrators and moderators will have access to a new area on My Settings (User Control Panel) to get a list of all topics under special surveillance.

Badge RISK OF CLOSURE will appear on:

  • Forum view
  • Topic view
  • Search results (View New Content, User Content and Regular Search)

Message will appear:
  • Above fast reply on every topic that is under special surveillance
  • Post screen (full form) of topics that is under special surveillance

  • Groups to mark/unmark a topic under special surveillance
  • Forums where the hook will work
  • Message (editor)

  • IP.Board 3.4.X
  • IP.Board 3.3.X

here to download this file

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Great work as usual Adriano

My friend just bought it for his forum. In a future release, will you make it selectable on which groups can use the mod?

Thank you. This feature is used bt admins and moderators to advise users about flaming... Doesn't need a setting; it recognized forum moderators, supermoderators and admins.
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What's New in Version 1.1.0:

  • Added a new setting to choose which groups can mark and unmark a topic under special surveillance. User Control Panel (My Settings) keeps with acces only by moderators/administrators
  • Added a new setting (editor) to admins type easier and faster the message that will appear above full form editor and fast reply. BBCode & Smiles allowed.
  • Added entries to Moderators Logs (Topic Log) when a topic is marked and unmarked under special surveillance


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Having issues in this plugin.. just upgraded to IPB 3.4.4. Have you tested on new version of IPB?

Well, making some tests noticed this error on forum view:

This happens on 3.4.4 'cause IPS changed the way topic title is printed:

Before 3.4.4:

<span itemprop="name">{$data['title']}</span>

On 3.4.4:

<span itemprop="name">{parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $data['title'], 130 )"}</span>

Which broke the hook.

The consequence of this is that I had to remove from forum view the black balloon (data-tooltip) with information about who put the topic under surveillance.

What's New in Version 1.1.1:

  • Fixed the RISK OF CLOSURE badge on forum view, ONLY FOR THOSE WHO USES IP.BOARD 3.4.4+
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