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Replace Font/Size/Color with Styles in Editor

KT Walrus

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Just my opinion, but I think the Font/Size/Font Color dropdowns are not the best for my users.

I'd rather have a single Styles dropdown that lets me choose from a list of styles for text (both block styles and inline styles; could do two dropdowns to separate block and inline). For instance, there could be three styles suitable for headings like large heading, normal heading, small heading and three styles suitable for paragraphs like small text, normal text, and large text. For inline styles, there could be some emphasis styles like muted, normal, error, warning, success that would be in addition to the Bold, Italic, Underline buttons. Also, for inline styles, there could be some size styles like small, normal, and large.

My point is that, for display on the web, the options for stylizing text in a post should be limited if you want readable posts while encouraging all users to post better formatted text (like every post using the same three heading styles or three paragraph styles) and better text colors.

And, since the styles would use IPS-defined CSS classes, it should be easy for skinners to change the post styles to suite their skins. And, the dropdown could be customized to eliminate any unwanted styles by having the skin template for the editor set the list of desired styles or the order in the menu before the editor loads (so a skinner could change the list). In fact, I'd like to be able to easily customize the editor toolbar as to what buttons/menus are present and the order they are shown, but that is a topic for another post.

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