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(G17) Downloads CAPTCHA Hook

G17 Media

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(G17) Downloads CAPTCHA Hook

File name: (G17) Downloads CAPTCHA Hook
Submitter: G17 Media
Submitted: 02/15/2013
Category: Security
Discussion URL :
Support Info: Support is no longer offered. If you paid for the software before Feburary 1st 2014 we can provide very limited support, although cannot adapt this to your theme.
Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x,IP.Downloads 2.5.x

Downloads Verification CAPTCHA Hook 1.0

This hook allows you to serve a CAPTCHA to certain users downloading files from your website. This can be handy for saving bandwidth from bots, monetizing your downloads or just for security reasons. It uses the CAPTCHA module which your forum will use.

This hook requires at least IP.Downloads 2.5.2.


  • Login to the Admin CP of your community
  • Hit Manage Hooks from the left sidebar. If its not there, you may not have sufficient permissions to access this part. Contact a higher level administrator.
  • Choose Install Hook.
  • Choose the hook.xml included with this package, hit Install.
  • Done! Youve now installed the hook.


  • This hook supports the following options:
  • Toggle ON/OFF Allows you to disable the hook temporarily without uninstalling it.
  • Message The message shown when a user is selected for the CAPTCHA.
  • Exempt Groups Multi-select, choose groups that should not get the captcha.
  • Exemption via Post Count Leave blank to disable, or enter a number. Users with a post count lower than what you choose will be subjected to the CAPTCHA.

Support and Pre-sales

G17 Media offers help and support with all of its software products. You can e-mail me, directly, at jay.macdonald (at) g17media.com. Additionally, leave us a message on the Invision Power Board community and we will get back to you.

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