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Long running script time


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I am attempting to facilitate a reasonable max upload size to my forums to allow members who cant be bothered to resize images the facility to load the largest images. Currently server side it is set at16mb which will easily swallow the largest image sizes, which by default using IPB setting are being nicely resized to a reasonable memory size.

The issue I have is that images up to about 6 mb load but anything larger creates a website not responding due to a long running script error. Can this be tweaked server side to prevent this or is this a browser issue ?

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  • You can decrease maximum script execution time in php.ini to a lower value to cut off scripts running extended periods of time.
  • Completely alternatively, you can increase your maximum execution time even longer so even larger files can be completed. (risky)
  • You can increase number of php processes are allowed to spawn so it can continue with other operations even if one is holding up the process.
  • You can decrease your maximum upload limit so they can't upload such large images to begin with and waste cpu resources.
  • You can get a better cpu/gpu (servers usually don't have gpu, but libraries like imagemagik do support them) for image processing so that it gets done in a more quick manner.
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