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Modulize the captcha options


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With more and more captcha options becoming available, along with those already available (reCaptcha, keyCaptcha, etc), it might be a good idea to make it so that the different human verifications are in modules. Allow for easier adding of captcha solutions as well as better flexibility.

Here's what I'm thinking. Have the core product come with a few pre-included options as it already does. But let's say someone wants to use an alternative or have a couple of other options, they can simply drop in a module or perhaps import an XML file that will handle the work for them. Once done, they can adjust any settings on it and then toggle which ones they want to use. No I didn't say that wrong, I said which ones, as in, could have multiple methods available. When needed, one of the enabled and active methods gets randomly chosen and used.

Now, instead of it always being the same type of verification each time, it could be different on each page load. If someone decides to use keyCaptcha along with Are You Human and also Solve Media, that admin suddenly went from using just one to using three verification systems. Now spammers targeting a site have to deal with three randomly used verifications instead of just one. So if a spammer (targeting one site with their automated bots) has one cracked, then theoretically, they'll only get through one a third of the attempts made. (To clarify, it wouldn't use all three each time, it would randomly pick one per page load and use it, so a potential new member isn't sitting proving themselves multiple times.)

There is more to this but still brain storming on it. Overall though, I think it would make for a more flexible human verification system.

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