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Simply put..... add drag and drop uploading

Aussie Cable

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I want this solution.


The ability to drag and drop images into the editor will be fantastic as our community is very screenshot driven.

The amount of times I have had to show members how to add screenshots to the editor, just wastes my time and effort, it should not take any time to show someone how to add images.

I have even had to tutorialize a 'how to add a screenshot to the editor' to show people how to add images to the editor, because it is not simple.

Please can we have this feature added to both fast reply and main editor onguard.gif

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I'd love to be able to drag and drop images to the "attach files" section. I believe IPS said they were working on completely re-doing the upload mechanism, so I wouldn't be surprised to see such functionality added. I actually feel like I may have suggested this once before and they confirmed it would be added, but I oddly can't remember.

As for actually dragging and dropping into the editor itself.. it's an interesting idea, I wonder how feasible it would be to implement.

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Drag and drop would be a great idea and a timesaver for posters.

I wouldn't want the feature to upload offsite to an image host. In fact I'd rather have the ability to import any images posted from external sites.

I would change the way we have members upload and increase the storage size per member.

We only use 3rd party hosting, because it is easier to explain to the member.

I would like to see this idea featured in the Gallery automagically, so the member has a album auto created when they upload an image, then we could fully utilize this Gallery thing.

Currently, to upload an image to the Gallery, then post the image link, takes about 4 hours or so to do, so it's pointless.

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Great concept. I am very frustrated with the whole upload situation as rival software seems to have solutions which I cant offer. This is costing me as members are using rival forums instead. I would like the ability for users to simply drag and drop images or even just upload any size images which is automatically reduced in size to a predetermined max size. Image dimensions is only half the battle here, it is the actual footprint memory size as many members just can't be bothered or simply do not how to manipulate images in editors before uploading. This either leads to crazy size images being uploaded or alternatively members just not bothering if the size is too restrictive.

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Here's an IP.Content editor field I'm working on that could be used for any article or database.. it uses native bbcode and is not WYSIWYG to ensure absolute accuracy in the final product.

Based on this thread I thought adding drag and drop uploads would be pretty cool.

Drag and Drop Upload Demo


Oh.. and it has inline html, php, xml, sql and code syntax highlighting as you type.

Highlighting Demo


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