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Tags as meta keywords

Axel Wers

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Would be good, when I fill field with some tags, then tags could be used as meta keywords. It's much more better than:

<meta name="keywords" content="Would,be,good,when,I,fill,field,with,some,tags,then,tags,could,be,used,as,meta,keywords,It's,much,more,better,than:" />

This meta is useless. Meta keywords (otherwise search engines ignore it) should contain about 4-5 KEY WORDS. Words like would,be,when,with,some etc. are useless.

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I completely agree!

Why on earth are the tags ignored? At least use this pointless meta keywords *if* not tags are present.

AFAIK, tags are only useful for IP.Boards search - if they are useful for that, why neglect them for search engines?

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