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OLD 3.4 Track Members

Adriano Faria

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File Name: Track Members

File Submitter: Adriano Faria

File Submitted: 03 Feb 2013

File Category: Moderation Tools

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

So, you are suspicious of any member? Want to follow closely what he does on your board? This application will help you to trace the steps of this member in the following actions:

  • Account actions
    • Sign in
    • Sign out
    • Change Display Name
    • Change Password
    • Change Email Address
    • Create Topic
    • Reply to a Topic
    • Edit a Post
    • View Topic
    • Follow Forum/Topic
    • Like/Reputation System
    • Forums Search
    • New Private Message
    • Private Message Reply
    • View Profile
    • Add a New Friend
    • Remove a Friend
    • New Status Update
    • Reply Status Update
    • Delete Status Update Reply
    • Delete Status Update
    • Members Search
    • Add Event
    • Edit Event
    • Submit Event Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to Events and Events Comments
    • Follow Event
    • Events Search
    • Upload File
    • Edit File
    • Submit File Review
    • Report a File as Broken
    • Like/Reputation System (file reviews)
    • Follow File
    • Files Search
    • Create Album
    • Publish Image/Media
    • Edit Image/Media
    • Submit Image Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to image/media and image/media comments
    • Follow Image/Media
    • Images/Medias Search
    • Create Blog
    • Post Entry
    • Submit Entry Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to entries and entries comments
    • Follow Entry
    • Entries Search
    • Add Advert
    • Edit Advert
    • Adverts Search
    • Submit Tutorial
    • Edit Tutorial
    • Submit Tutorial Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to tutorials and tutorials comments
    • Follow Tutorial
    • Tutorials Search
    • Submit Link
    • Edit Link
    • Submit Link Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to links and links comments
    • Follow Link
    • Links Search
    • Add Video
    • Edit Video
    • Submit Vieo Comment
    • Like/Reputation System to videos and videos comments
    • Follow Video
    • Videos Search

[*]Forum Actions [*]Profile Actions [*]Calendar Actions [*]Downloads Actions [*]Gallery Actions [*]Blogs Actions [*]Classifieds Actions [*]Tutorials Actions [*]Links Directory Actions [*]Videos System Actions

A member can be tracked/untracked and all actions (above) can be changed at any time on his profile, with a simple click!

  • Export Member Logs to PDF
  • Log page on profile view totally reworked
  • Track logs link in personal card and member's list
  • Setting to track new members, with option to track for a specific number of days
  • Setting to tie Track Members to Warn System
  • Setting to admin define number of log entries in logs page (profile view and Admin CP Management module)
  • Setting to log management, where you can prune logs by number of days
  • Tab on Moderator CP to list all tracked members (with log entries), with option to view the last 10 logged actions, all logged actions (link to profile logs) and stop tracking link
  • Module on Admin CP to list all tracked members and their log entries, with possibility to prune logs and stop tracking the member
  • Module on Admin CP to prune logs, prune orphaned logs, track all members (by group or all groups) and stop tracking all members.

here to download this file

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I am getting

Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are
not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.

I own the board so obviously admin, got admin checked for Can Track Users

I just bought your app and successfully installed it. I am experiencing the identical issue that @libertybee is having.

Did you selected ADMIN on first group and other groups (users that can be tracked; it can be even ADMINS) on the next setting, right?

If so, can some of you provide Admin CP so I can check it out?
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"Manage Tracked Members" in the admin panel only shows the overview

True. I didn't work that screen yet. It will be a place where you can view all tracked members and how many entries he has on his log. You'll can also untrack that member from that screen and set a time frame for it. I mean: you want to track that user for 30 days only... you'll do that.

Will be there for the 1.0.0 (final).


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what would be cool too have would be live tracking of members so that an admin can watch live what a member is doing this could be done with ajax on the tracking log or/and even a system that allows you to follow a member live where the admins browser will redirect to the same post/section the tacked member is.

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Does this process old logs (if info is available) or from the time installed?

Also, how much stress does it put on the overall IPB usage and actions performed?

Didn't understand the first question.

Second: no additional query was added. This app uses only library hooks that checks the permission of logged member and insert data on database, if allowed. Also there's a flood setting, that prevents for adding continuous equal logs.

The first question asks if the logging is in real time, or the data are porcessed from the log files of IPB in the db, or any other method that I can not think of. Long story short, I am asking if older data are used, but since you answered that hooks are used, I guess that only live data (while online) are collected for tracking.

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