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[CH59] Social Group - Header themes


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File Name: [CH59] Social Group - Header themes

File Submitter: Chris59

File Submitted: 01 Feb 2013

File Category: Other style options

Tips and tricks how to use CSS as header instead of pictures. this example will give you a good looking header for your groups.

Login to ACP and Social groups / Themes / and edit default or make a new theme Past the code from code.txt in to the window and save it.

You can play with this settings and colors for your needs, see this link for easy css changes..

You can play with this css and add more header colors Click here to take me there

NOTE: You must delete the banner background to make this show up . if you use banner bg pic is override the theme settings

Wanted to share for you as well, Have fun! :smile:

here to download this file

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