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Database Profile Tabs Generator

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This seems to only show records from when it is installed and moving forward. Is there a way to make this retroactive so that any previous records created will show up in the tab too? Otherwise, this is perfect for me!

if ($this->settings['search_ucontent_days']) {
	    $_date_cut = time() - (86400 * intval($this->settings['search_ucontent_days']));
	    $date_cut = ' AND r.record_saved > ' . intval($_date_cut);

you can remove this from the plugin file if your latest content is further back than this setting limits the results to, or you could adjust the setting, as discussed on skype.

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Can you customize this application to pull info based on a certain field or is it only pulled into profiles based on who created a database record?

For instance, we use multiple databases for various things (I help run a role-play clan). The first field in ever record is the member name (member type ahead). However, most records are only created by admins/mods.

For example I would love to have a Vehicle Registrations Tab in each members profile for vehicles they have registered. If it pulls from the person who created the record it would put all of the information in that persons profile. However, if it pulled the member information from the member name field, then it would place the information in the actual members profile for whom the registration is for.

The database fields are as follows:

Member Name:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:





I hope I didn't confuse you too much :)

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