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This is a topic I hold dear to my heart, as this is what I implement every day, all day long. Yeah, there's already an application that helps with this and I've been in the process of writing my own, but I strongly feel some of these items should be in the core.

  1. Nexus: Transaction tracking*. I might have missed it somewhere, but last time I looked there was 0 transaction tracking with Nexus. This completely blows my mind that there isn't any tracking at all for Nexus. What should be done is the bare minimum; On confirmation page the _addTrans (Transaction ID, Total revenue), _addItem (for each item bought: Transaction ID, SKU, Product Name, Price, Quantity) and _trackTrans should be passed. Passing in more would be going above and beyond, but much appreciated.
  2. General: Allow users to opt-out. Users can currently opt-out via the DNT headers (if enabled on their browser), but there should be an option within the UCP. When selected, the user would not be shown the global GA code. Those pesky European lawmakers might feel more at ease knowing that a data-generalized analytics tool can't see them. :rolleyes:
  3. General: Allow special data within the settings*. This is where the apps have really come in handy, but there are numerous things I'd personally want all my forums to track within custom variables. Currently this isn't really possible without editing the skin to include the GA code and leaving the SEO setting blank. A placeholder value within the settings (think like the settings_extra field) and it gets replaced with the value on display. Anyways, a couple of examples:
    1. Member group / login status
    2. Site section / app name
  4. General: Hook points. This one pretty much copies one of my other feedback threads, but it'd be really nice to be able to have hook points to track successful / failed AJAX events. If I had a client running IPB, there are numerous AJAX events I'd tell them to add event tracking to (although they might run into some technical limitations without editing the ipb_*.js files)

* - These issues should be treaded on carefully to consider flexibility. For instance, I can be running 2 GA accounts on the page with this:

_gaq.push(['a1._setAccount', 'UA-123456-1']);
_gaq.push(['a2._setAccount', 'UA-654321-1']);

If a generic _gaq.push(['_addTrans', ... ]); was added without the prefixes, it really wouldn't do much good for the existing implementations. A skin bit for this would likely be best for this, instead of hardcoding it.

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