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Read That Topic/Announcement

Adriano Faria

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Read That Topic/Announcement

File name: Read That Topic/Announcement
Submitter: Adriano Faria
Submitted: 01/28/2013
Category: Moderation Tools
Demo :
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x
Support Info : Support only in support topic.

This application will force members in selected groups to read a specific topic/forum nnouncement before being able to use the site. A popup will appear to those users with only one option: a button to redirect to that topic.

Users with access to Admin CP and no restriction on this APP can pick a topic from forum side, on Topic Moderation menu.
General Settings:

  • Allow forum moderators to set a topic to be read
  • Restriction by number of posts

Per Group Settings:

  • Enable application for the group
  • Topic/Announcement ID
  • Popup Title
  • Popup Message

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no problem, i know that if the hook is groundup designed to be based on a topic (as the name clearly says) it can be difficult and sometimes requires a complete redesign of it. so i think its better to take the time and make it quite good.

another suggestion that came in my mind some minutes ago is to include the option to make the reading optional for the user. but i don't know if this is not against the initial intention of this app.

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how about a setting to say when users will have to reread the topic like every 30 days or so

as i dont see any option for this as of now how often will that happen

I don't know if I understood. You did a suggestion, Ok. That does not mean I have to accept it and put into practice today still.

PS: any update on your version of the metion Hook really want this


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This would be even better if you can create multiple force read rules configurable by group. Ie. Set all public users to read one or more selected topics. Then create another rule to force paid users to read certain topics, etc.

My request seems similar:

Ability to create multiple read topics per usergroup.

Usergroup A would need to read Read Topic 1, 2, and 3.

Usergroup B would need to read Read Topic 1,2,4


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